Navigatrix is a complete operating system for your computer. It is put together by people on boats for people on boats.

Navigatrix will work with your satellite phone, ssb radio, ais and gps. Independently or connected to your boats devices.

Navigatrix is a compilation of electronic tools for navigation, communication, information and security that you can use offshore, on shore, or at anchor. It is simple and lightweight and based on the best Debian/Ubuntu has to offer.

Navigatrix is the fastest, most efficient, and versatile Linux distribution for cruisers and navigators available. Installed on the hard drive it works on most any personal computer built in the last 20 years having at least 192MB memory.

Navigatrix is nearly indestructible running on a 4 gigabyte, or larger, USB stick or SD card. It allows access to your hard drive data if you choose, and even works if your hard drive doesn't.

Ask us this installation on your new notebook.




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