Volla Ubuntu Phone : Simplicity and privacy 

"Do not follow me, track me or spy on me" edition

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It's time to make a change. When it comes to information technology, there is no product from the market leaders who consistently protect our privacy. We want to give people back their human right to freely decide who they share what data with, without others monitoring them, what they do, where they are at what time, who they talk about, and where they get information.

Today's devices, especially smartphones, are catching our attention and time with a myriad of notifications, apps and cloud services. We want to give people their time back to focus on what matters to them. Our brand Volla Ubuntu stands for a post app paradigm with a user experience of immediacy, with which you can do what you want without detours. Made in Germany.

Ubuntu Volla Phone is characterized by simple elegance, clear design and powerful, sustainable technology, which also in the next few years effortlessly performs all tasks and supports system updates.

Apps available: https://open-store.io/

Anbox: run android apps (on request apps installed such as whatsapp)

VPN availbale.

Access your Volla Ubuntu Phone easely from a ubuntu computer.
video: https://youtu.be/VT-1m2-3Nbw



1 week delivery time

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