High security notebooks full encrypted home dir.

These notebooks have such a security that no data is available or become available at loss or control.

Note that four times a password must be given before working with the operating system.

The notebook is lost when the passwords are lost.

    Bios password: there can be no changes to the BIOS and can only be started via USB or CD / DVD after input password (no live system)
    Grub boot loader password: to start the operating system, password must also be entered here. Also for changing grub settings or recovery mode.
    Encryption password: for the operating system to use (decrypt)
    Log in: last enter the password of the user.

    With standard Tails Os Live Boot option "to hide your whereabouts." (click for manual)

    With standard Kodachi Os Live Boot option "extreme privacy." (click for manual)

Voir les dètails ou configurer

1 - 2 weeks delivery time

Voir les dètails ou configurer

Voir les dètails ou configurer
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